Meditate with Fairy-tales – with the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm

Meditating with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm seemed a bit unusual at first glance. In fact, however, there were mythological condensations in the fairy tales that never existed as such in the world of legends. Most fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm are made up of several legends or fairy tales from Europe. Thinking about why a stepmother was evil after all and a princess was good enough for them to act the way they did, allowed glimpses of human existence that normally lay hidden.

We worked out the following ten fairy tales as meditations:

Sleeping Beauty – Paternal overprotection
The Frog King – Fatherly heteronomy
Hansel and Gretel – Initiation for boys
Mother Hulda – We are all one
The wolf and the Seven Young Goats – Total self-overtaxing
Rapunzel – The meaning of life
Clever Else – Anticipatory obedience
Puss in Boots – Through „having-nothing“ to be someone
The Crystal Ball – Good and Bad – mirrors of each other
The Drummer – The Beat of the Heart

It quickly became clear that this was no ordinary storytelling hour. The fairy tales and the philosophical questions we asked ourselves worked on a level far below thinking skills. We grasped ourselves at the level of a thinking heart and conscious feelings. Even in everyday life, it became clear who followed the path of a „Sleeping Beauty“ or that of a „Puss in Boots.“ This experience intensified from meditation evening to meditation evening. Processes of „letting things go“ took place in a peaceful mind, and what remained was a feeling of relaxation. The sound of Thomas Horwaths‘ voice and the gentle swinging of the harp strings form a unit that opens the portal for reflection within.
There was no one who could comment on or reflect on the experiences on this journey except for himself or herself. So each meditation remained a unique personal experience.
Nevertheless, after ten meditations, the cycle was completed.
After that, you could start all over again. We keep meditating on it and invite you to join us.


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Author: Brüder Grimm/Thomas Horwath.
Voice: Thomas Horwath.
Proofreading: Joe Burke/Joseph Kirkwood
Musik improvisation: Emma Yates.
Artwork: Paola Kosch.
Duration: 6 hrs. 58 min.
Language: English.
Published: 06.07.2023.
Age rating: 16 years.
© Die Erzählwerksttatt 2023.

Produced by Erzählwerkstatt.


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