Ten Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm – Audiobook

Ten of the most beautiful fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm
sensitively performed by Thomas Horwath.
Original text by the Brothers Grimm.

Sleeping Beauty                                        11:30
The Frog King or Iron Henry                 12:05
Hansel and Gretel                                     21:38
Mother Hulda                                            10:18
The Wolf and the seven Young Goats   09:47
Rapunzel                                                     12:07
Clever Else                                                  11:19
Puss in Boots                                             14:04
The Crystal Ball                                         09:15
The Drummer                                            26:10

Harp accompaniment: Emma Yates.

Author: Brüder Grimm.
Voice: Thomas Horwath.
Proofreading: Joe Burke/Joseph Kirkwood
Musik improvisation: Emma Yates.
Artwork: Paola Kosch.
Duration: 2 hrs. 19 min.
Language: English.
Published: 06.07.2023.
Age rating: 6 years.
© Die Erzählwerksttatt 2023.
Produced by Erzählwerkstatt.